Try 7 Fitness

Try 7 Fitness was established, April 2004 by Owner and Founder Karen R. Johnson. Karen is an experienced fitness professional and has been in the fitness industry for decades. She has helped hundreds of people get into great shape through group exercise, health seminars and one-on-one personal fitness coaching.

Our mission and visionary approach to fitness empowers clients to realize their goals and achieve vibrant health holistically.

The TRY (in Try 7) represents a back to basics approach to getting healthy and in shape! At Try 7, we take the Genesis approach and educate our clients about TEN PILLARS that are essential to achieving optimum health.

Why (7) you might ask? We chose seven because 7 represent a complete cycle; it also represents wholeness, completeness and perfection. Our motto is: "you’ve tried the rest, now Try 7 Fitness for Heaven! It will IMPACT and shape YOU for an awesome future!"

As we all know, health and fitness should be a huge part of our daily routine, and for some it is, but for others it’s viewed as a major distraction or not a priority, and that’s where we come in. We know to get lasting results, to reform, order and accountability is paramount to staying committed to your goals of becoming HEALTHY from the inside out mind, body and spirit one day at a time. With your personal trainer guiding you every step of the way you will succeed as long as you stay the course.


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Try 7 Fitness, "it will shape you for an awesome future"


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